Sex Addiction Is It Cheating?

• May 22nd, 2012


Dr. Linda Hatch

Interview with Dr. Linda Hatch and Mishka, Wife of Sex Addict

I am so excited about this interview with sex addiction therapist Dr. Linda Hatch and popular blogger wife of sex addiction Mishka.

Linda has written some super articles on her blog and the article that caught my attention was "Spouse of Sex Addict Asks Is It Cheating?" She has a wonderful website and I encourage you to check it out here. Her writing is super.

After interviewing Dr. David Ley about the Myth of Sex it got me thinking about "responsibility" and I wanted to find out if in fact a diagnosis of "sex addiction" is in fact being used as an excuse by cheating spouses. And whether or not the label somehow absolves the cheater of responsibility.

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Sex Addiction - Real or Fake and Does it Matter? George Collins vs. Dr. David Ley; Episode 01

• April 10th, 2012

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The is the English speaking world's biggest and best source for news about sex addiction, porn compulsion, and the mainstreaming of adult entertainment into everyday lives and the impact on self, spirit, family, work, and the law.

1.jpgCraig, the Founder and host of Radio in this first episode interviews authors and counselors Dr. David Ley and George Collins, M.A. regarding whether or not sex addiction exists, if so what to call it and if not, what is it?

Dr. Ley just authored the controversial book called the Myth of Sex Addiction, and George Collins, a former sex addict wrote Breaking the Cycle, Free Yourself From Sex Addiction, Porn Obsession and Shame.

Dr. Ley also penned an article in the NY Post also entitled "Myth of Sex Addiction" blasting the sex addiction diagnosis and stating, "sex addiction is nothing more than a pop-psychology phenomenon, serving only to demonize sex, enforce moral views of sex and relationship and excuse irresponsible behaviors." George Collins fired back with two articles of his own, the first one entitled "Sex Addiction is Not a Myth" and the second, demanding personally that Dr. Ley "Stop Mocking Sex Addicts."

Things get heated at times in this interview especially when George Collins, tells Dr. Ley his sex addiction bashing is hurting those suffering. Dr. Ley responds that there is no scientific evidence supporting an addiction label for compulsive sex, in fact it's bad for the client and society.


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